Rooster Bolan



Hey Everyone. 


I'm Rooster. I came up with the idea for Tradition Over Trend 3 years ago as a place to showcase the grass roots of Hot Rodding and since then it's grown into what you see here.


I first got interested in cars when I was in my early teens, when I worked at a small aircraft shop and the owner had a 1969 SS 350 Camaro that was my first real exposure to the thrill of spinning tires and banging gears. Since then I've been involved in several areas of the automotive world, from tire shops, to custom car shops, engine machine shops, and most everywhere in between.

I still work on cars during the day, but my passion is showcasing the history of this lifestyle, and the current people involved in it, that like myself, prefer the Traditions Over the Trends. 

For general inquiries, email Rooster Bolan

Gina Von Galaxie



Hey y'all, I'm Gina and I manage casting and coordination of the pin up models that we feature and work with here.


My first pinup photo shoot was over 10 years ago and from that moment I was hooked. I'm married to a custom fabricator, and having only ever dated car guys, my love for the Kustom Life has grown right alongside the Pinup Life.


I'm still discovering who I want to be, and it's my absolute pleasure to help other women discover another side of themselves as well! So when you come shoot with Tradition Over Trend, just know I'll be here to help you with everything along the way, from wardrobe, to hair & makeup, and poses.

For inquiries regarding Models, Makeup, or Hair, email Gina Von Galaxie

Johnny A. Harris



I was born & raised in the North Georgia Mountains and I'm trained in high performance fabrication and custom painting at the Nashville Auto Diesel College.  Addicted to Old School 60's and 70's custom paint and all around Hot Rod and Vintage Motorcycle Culture.  Currently slingin' paint and doing Media/Creative contribution for Tradition Over Trend in Austin, TX.

Blanton Payne


Hello I’m Blanton.


I live and breathe cars, racing, and pretty much anything mechanical!


My amateur racing career started when my Dad put me in my first Go Kart at the age of 3. From that point forward I’ve been driving the wheels off of anything I get in! I mostly do timed racing, like Autocross and Rallycross, and prefer it be just me and the machine doing everything possible to go as fast as we can.


I’m a Marine Mechanic by trade, and have grown up with an appreciation of all machines. My current collection includes a 66’ Toronado, 67’ Mini, 78’ GMC Motorhome, 69’ Corvette “station wagon” as well as a few other fun race cars and projects.


 I’m truly honored to be part of the Tradition Over Trend family and try provide daily content for everyone to enjoy. My goal is to share stuff that I enjoy, and help all learn and appreciate the people, machines, and history that make up the gear head world.