Edsel Ford Speedster

Updated: Jan 21

Edsel Ford Model 40 Special Speedster's

Originally built for Edsel Ford, this beautiful roadsters iconic styling by E. T. Gregorie. Gregorie went on to design the unibody 1936 Lincoln Zephyr, and 1939 Lincoln Continental

Following Edsel Ford's death in 1943, the car toured the United States before being sold the tiny sum of $603 in 1958. It disappeared for 41 years, until the 1999 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. In 2008 the car was sold to a Texas collector for $1.76 million. Sadly, the buyer died shortly after purchasing and the model 40 was returned to the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House which had restored it to its current condition by RM Auto Restoration.

Fords Aircraft craftsmen fabricated the sleek body from high-quality sheet aluminum, mounted over a custom-welded tubular aluminum frame. It's painted in Edsel's favorite color: Pearl Essence Gunmetal Dark.

The two-seat cockpit is at the extreme rear of the wheelbase.

Its was original powered by 75-hp, 221-cubic-inch flathead V-8 which cracked its block during a 1939-'40 winter freeze, Edsel replaced the 221cid flathead with a 239-cubic-inch V-8 from Ford's new Mercury brand, At some point, a Thickstun dual carburetor set up, hot cam shaft, and Edelbrock higher compression cylinder heads were added. The Edelbrocks were later removed and it's rated around 100 hp.

"My grandfather was an early believer that everyday objects - including automobiles - could be seen as works of art. While he wasn't a designer in the traditional sense, his eye for styling and influence was apparent as he initiated and built the design department at Ford Motor Company."

- Edsel Ford II

The 1934 model 40 Speedster is an amazingly beautiful machine that would showcase many design details for the coming future in car design for Ford Motor Co.

~Blanton Payne

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