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Halloween Special - Lily Munster Tribute

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It's All Hallows Eve, and as you've seen on our popular Facebook page, we're in a very Munstery mood. So I thought I'd show you all a sneak peak at feature shoot we did with a local to our home area in the Austin Hill Country. When I first saw this car I immediately thought of Season 1 Episode 4 (Rock A Bye Munster) of the short lived series, "The Munsters" in which Lily commissioned the Munster Koach build for Herman. As many of you know, the front part of the Koach, was a T Bucket, with that in mind, set and wardrobe director Gina Von Galaxie and I collaborated on creating a tribute shoot to one done in 1966 with Lily (Yvonne De Carlo) outside of Universal Studios. 

Larry's T Bucket will be featured soon, with all the dirt on this fun little blown machine, but in the meantime, enjoy these sneak peeks with the lovely Lily Lawless in her debut photo shoot at the picturesque Stonehouse Villa and surrounding area in Driftwood Texas.

Photo Credit- Matthew Leland Photography @matthewlelandphoto on Instagram 

Wardrobe Coordination- @ginavongalxie on Instagram

Makeup- @iggyp0p on Instagram

Location- @stonehousevilla on Instagram

Model- @humanfly29 on Instagram

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