What a Tease.

Stripteaser is an iconic and legendary race car in the United Kingdom and Europe. Built by Bob Messent and Roger Bishop, This little rocket started its drag racing life running 3.8L Jaguar-powered Morris Mini-van with the original steel body. Over the years it would be developed and improved further into a fiberglass flip body “mini” mini funny car.

The Jag DOHC 6 was more or less the UK’s Small block V8, this legendary power plant was the engine to have in junior and middle comp altereds in the 1970s.

With Its awesome 6 Zoomie’s out the roof, well worked engine, Injection, and running gas this tiny beast would put down impressive high 8s in the quarter.

Stripteaser was for sure a fan favorite in the UK and in Scandinavia, you can probably guess from such a short wheel base, it was a handful at times and would easily do wild wheel stand launches, always a crowd pleaser!

The team of Bob Messent and Roger Bishop would eventually sell Stripteaser to Bob Jarrett who raced it for some time with great success. Jarrett wanted to get into racing full-size funny cars he sold Stripteaser to Pascal Sarazin who raced it in France and at Hockenheim.

This fascinating little car is still around and looks better than ever!

~Blanton Payne


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