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The Forgotten Hot Rod

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We've all seen them.

In shops, backyards, fields and scrapyards.

Those cars that you can look at and tell that someone in their history was just like us, wanting to go fast and be the coolest cat in town.

There's some that have no story, not one that anyone knows that is. These cars tell their story to you in their own way, simply by the work done to them.

Often, while examining that work you feel a kinship to the builder.

That guy that was likely in a dirt floored shed, no inspiration but a hot rod magazine and the parts they could get.

Much like the experiences we have today, played out in a different place in time, with different tools, different tech, and for some,

no idea that what they were doing, would be appreciated generations later by another kid, wanting to do the same thing, with the same car.

Tradition Over Trend


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