The Green Monster

The Green Monster

Art Arfons worked at his father’s feed-mill in Akron, Ohio, Art served in the U.S. Navy (1943–46) which trained him in diesel mechanics. After the war he returned to the feed mill and began his career as a drag racer and overall speed freak.

In the early 1950s with his brothers Dale and Walter, the team would build some of the fastest junk yard cars around. a series of cars, each going by the name “The Green Monster”. according to Tim Arfon, Arts son. The beastly cars got the nickname when the announcer said "Bring that big green monster up here," The brothers, raced and helped each other build the monsters until they closed the mill and Art built a new shop near.

In the early 1960s he designed the ultimate Green Monster, powered by a 13,000hp J-79 jet engine, which he drove at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.

In 1964 the Green Monster, in John Deere green, orange, and white, this Jet engine with wheels made its land speed racing debut.

"He was known as the King of Junk."

Arfons built all of his race cars out of parts from the junkyard. The land speed car had a Lincoln rear axle and a 1955 Packard front end.

"He took junk and went 600 mph with it."

The Green Monster claimed the land speed record of 434.02 mph on Oct. 5, 1964; came back to find over 100mph going 536.71 mph on Oct. 27, 1964; and 576.533 mph on Nov. 7, 1965. Craig Breedlove and Arfons were in a war between to each other to see who was fastest men on land. Both would exchange the record six times in the mid 1960s. Surpassing the 500 mph and 600 mph marks during this famous duel, Arfons clocked right at 615 mph before loosing control and crashing, making the record unofficial. Tim Arfons said, No one knows how his father survived that wreck. Just eight days after Arts terrible wreck, Craig Breedlove would attain the official land speed record of 600.601 mph.

Can you imagine taking some old junkyard parts, a surplus jet engine from a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, a body and frame built by hand in shed, put it all together and go 600+MPH?!?!

Well this Man did and his memory and legend will live on.


Tradition Over Trend

~Blanton Payne.




Salt Flats

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